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Order exclusive natural products such as Cannabis clones, or our merchandise swaps. Our sage offers exclusive insight into Cannabis growing and naturing techniques.

Gain time-limited offers on all accessories and Cannabis edible products via our store strictly for members of our community.

We encourage community sharing of our merchandise~not the strict sale of certain products.

Our Community Grows

Across South Africa, our community of expert growers all comes together to donate and distribute exclusive merchandise to our trusted members.

Our community success is based on our information channels – contact us for all your Cannabis information and inclusive membership.

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Natural Products

We supply all-natural smoking products to our community and have deep-rooted connections with the best quality suppliers.

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Our community products are quality ensured to improve all experiences when dealing with Cannabis products.

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About Us

We are South Africa’s first community-driven Cannabis initiative offering friendly informative services and products relating to Cannabis.

We are partnered with experienced, quality guaranteed Cannabis lovers, members of our community all keen on promoting information and accessories relating to Cannabis in South Africa.

From Cape Town all the way to Gauteng, we have connected with many cultural authorities all sharing and donating products and services to our growing community of Cannabis lovers.